Monday, April 11, 2005

Bad Calls

While there are many, many decisions made by persons or groups that could be considered bad calls, there is a certain type of decision that rises above all others. That is where a person or group spends years, or even decades, building up a reputation for or mastery of something, and then, Poof! in a fit of stupidity throws it all away for a brief period forever tainting all they had accomplished before.

The textbook case of this is New Coke. Other good examples are Michael Jordan playing baseball (as eloquently described here) or Shaquille O'Neil doing whatever the hell this is supposed to be. Double special honoroable mention goes to Swatch for thinking big and dreaming up a world where . . . well you just gotta read this shit for yourself. Could possibly be the stupidest idea ever. Seriously.

Even if you aren't particularly great at something, that doesn't give you the right to expect us to appreciate you trying something else, or to even have an open mind about it. Take me, I write a seldom updated blog which sucks. Does that mean I can assume you want me to post songs from my band? Of course not.

All of which brings us to the topic of the week.

Remember when you could depend on the Republican Party? Sure they were mean, and heartless, and both penny-wise AND pound foolish. But you could count on them for one thing. They respected the rule of law. They were the real law and order types. If some judge said you were a felon, then by gosh, you were a felon. Even if you were actually innocent.

Well those days are long past. Now Republicans far and wide are suggesting outright treason against our federal courts. Expressing their desire to impeach judges for the content of their opinions, to ignore court orders, to deny the constitutionality of judicial review. Some are even suggesting that we rewrite the Constitution to reflect our "true christian founding" (I use quotes to signify that this is a "lie").

This is the Republican Party's New Coke moment. Trust me. Soon enough, the reasonable conservatives will look around them and say, "what the hell is going on?" Where's the Classic Coke I know and love? New Coke didn't last that long. Neither will this shit.

Next you are going to tell me that Republicans are ringing up defecits and supporting the Catholic Church . . .


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