Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Blue States

In an article on Seattle area resident, and right wing columnist Michael Medved, a Seattle Weekly reporter apparently stumped Medved with the following question:

"If conservative ideas are so good, why is it that all the good places to live are so liberal?"

Excellent question. Fact is, most of the well-known, hard-core, multiple-hyphen-earning wing-nuts live in Liberal Blue States. Not in the heartland. Not in the deep south.

Here are all the pundits I could think of off-hand and where the internets tell me they currently reside.

Matt Drudge - Miami (Bluest part of Florida)
Rush Limbaugh - Ditto (Palm Beach) (also used to live in Manhattan)
Peggy Noonan - New York
Michael Medved - Washington State; in King County no less!
Michael Savage - Bay Area.
Sean Hannity - Blue New York (Long Island)
Bill O'Reilly - Blue New York as well.
Bill Kristol - Bluer than blue Washington D.C. (or technically McClean)
Pat Buchanan - Ditto.
Ann Coulter - Manhattan
Michelle Malkin - Blue State Maryland
Hugh Hewitt - Blue California
John Gibson - Blue New Jersey
Charles Krauthammer - Blue Maryland

So what is the deal here? If these people love RedState America so much, WHY DON'T THEY LIVE THERE?

I realize some of these people live in blue cities for their jobs (all the Fox guys), but others, (Medved, Savage, Coulter) have no such excuse. And with technology as it is, most of these people could live in Peru and still write their columns, or do their radio shows.

Fact is, they wouldn't live in Nebraska if you paid them. Not that I am saying there is anything wrong with Nebraska mind you, I just think is it pathetic that these hacks tell me that we don't "get it" here in the liberal blue states, when they choose to live here as well.

Put your money where your mouths are people.
If you like Red America so much, by all means . . .


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