Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Thank God for the Surplus

It is times like these, when the uncertain fury of nature utterly devestates a major city and the surrounding area; when hundreds of thousands of people are displaced; when looting and panic choke the waterlogged streets; it is times like these you are glad that we have a conservative in charge.

A liberal would have spent the trillion dollar surplus left over from the Clinton era and would have our National Guardsmen off somewhere on some cockamamie nation building exercise. Thank Jesus for GWB. The surplus will come in handy.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

F-ing Glad is Back!

First off: A hearty hello to all my visitors that come by searching for "" on Yahoo. You peeps have been my most consistent and solid crew. Also a big hello to mister "italian solution" + "anal sex" who also found this site via Google. (in that particular search I am number two out of three on the entire internet, maybe me and Norman Mailer are wrong about the meaning of that term) Who knew that a post about porn would generate so much interest? Perhaps I should make more posts about porn.

After studying for and taking the Washington State Bar exam, I am finally done. I am tanned, rested, and ready to get back to posting. During my hiatus, I only posted occasionally on other sites. I even got myself banned from for reasons I cannot fathom. (see comments to the "Thank's Again Fox! (sic)" post below for my feeble response.

So I am back, and there is much wingnuttery to tackle. Expect a new post at least once a week. In the meantime: How stupid is Neil Cavuto you ask? This stupid:,2933,165451,00.html

Can you believe something so stupid was actually put on the air on a nationwide broadcast? I can.