Thursday, November 03, 2005

John Saves Halloween! (Not Really)

Subject: Halloween
Dear Neil,

You wrote:

Halloween. The thrill of simply walking up to a door, yelling "trick-or-treat," and seeing someone give you something for nothing. Something good. Something special.

It was a tough day to take off, what with all that was going on in the news.

But looking at their cowboy-hatted heads — yes, theirs fit — somehow this day, it mattered more than any of that news.

As a father and former boy myself, I too recall the joys and excitement of this holiday.

Therefore, I am asking you, a Fox News personality, to talk to John Gibson about expanding his Christmas crusade to all endangered holidays. This article from the Christian Science Monitor explains how much danger Halloween is actually in.

So far, Mr. Gibson has ignored my pleas.

A traditional American Holiday is to be protected, regardless of whether it is the ACLU or the Christian Coalition that is doing the damage. Right?


A concerned citizen in Seattle, Washington